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Old Age Care

The aging of our population is one of the glaring consequences of the demographic transition. The percentage of elderly people in Kerala accounts for 8.9% and is therefore the highest among all Indian states. We recorded more than 12% (4793) senior citizens in our two project panchayats. The number of elderly people who are living alone has also increased recently due to various socio-economic causes. Childless and spouselsess as well as the seniors with NRI Non-Resident Indianchildren are forced to live alone. Even though ageing is a natural stage of the human life, it brings several problems for senior citizens like financial, physiological, housing, abuse, isolation and a lack of care and support services.

Among the identified 4793 senior citizens from the age group of 55+, 500 people were selected as primary project beneficiaries based on their socio-economic, physical and family conditions in the Chakkupallam and Erattayar panchayats in the Idukki district.

Senior Citizens should not be seen as a burden for the family and the society. They are an important part of our society.

Albin Francis, Project coordinator

Success Story

Independent Life after Cataract Surgery

Damodhran is 68 years old and lives together with his wife and the family of his youngest son in the Chakkuppallam Panchayat of the Idukki District. He is the father of five daughters and four sons who are all married. Earlier, he was working as a daily wager. His son had to look after his family as well as his parents but his earnings were not sufficient to provide for such a large family.
Damodhran joined an ESHG Elders Self Help Groups in January 2014. In spite of his eye problem he was very active in the group. It was very difficult for him to write in the ESHG's books or even attend the meetings. Since he lived in a remote place it was also hard for him to get to the ESHG meetings during the rainy season.
As he could not attend most of the meetings and his cataract disease got worse, he became more and more isolated. This also caused his metal capacity to decrease. THen he attended a medical camp, organized by VOSARD. The doctors diagnosed cataract and suggested an immediate surgery. His operation was successful so that he got his sight back. He can now attend the ESHG meetings regularly and is a role model for other members. Mr. Due to awareness classes, conducted by VOSARD, Damodhran is now aware on the rights and social security schemes concering senior citizens. Starting to work again as a daily wager he is also contributing to the income of the family and leads a more independent life.


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