Community mobilization is one of the most important factors in social work. Since beginning VOSARD has been focusing on uplifting the poor and weaker sections through self help initiatives and capacitate them to be the part of the main stream of the society. Besides providing financial assistance; orientation classes and leadership-training camps are also conducted for SHG members. The concept of micro-credit financing is widely introduced among them. SHGs of the men as well as women are formed as per the norms of NABARD. Over 10,000 families of the target groups located in the remote hilly terrain of Idukki District are organized into self help groups. Today, over 525 SHGs are functioning very effectively in the area. VOSARD has also framed 30 Clusters and an Apex Federation to coordinate and capacitate the people’s structures through decentralized planning, local linkage & collaboration and collective action. Awareness creation, Leadership training, Skill training, Livelihood & agriculture promotion activities, etc are being initiated through the people’s organizations. This social structure is helpful in implementation of projects with people’s participation, information dissemination at grass root levels and monetary transactions among the groups.


Micro-credit & credit linkage


Thrift and credit system has been introduced in all the SHGs to promote economical empowerment of rural people especially the women. Micro-credit system serves as a stimulant for initiating self help ventures. The Apex Federation coordinate and supervise micro-credit activities of 30 Clusters and 525 SHGs. This people’s network facilitates VOSARD to makes best use of revolving funds created from various completed projects for continuing the development initiatives. Along with Apex Link, it facilitates and co-ordinates linkage with banks for availing credit facilities and loans by SHGs and clusters for running their income generation activities and micro-enterprises.

Structure of different people’s organizations promoted by the organization is shown below:




Awareness creation, leadership training, skill training, livelihood promotion, micro-finance and taking up issues with government are the major activities dealt through SHGs and federations.