In 2002, this organization initiated CBR programme in six Panchayats of Idukki District of Kerala for addressing the needs and issues of 2006 PWDs identified from the Panchayats. Gradually the programme was expanded to 18 Panchayats in the district. Also, VOSARD has been successful in bringing eight district level Disabled Person’s Organizations under an umbrella of state level network. The initiatives taken by VOSARD to address the issues and needs of PWDs during last 14 years could bring in positive changes in the lives of differently-abled persons and their families. Organizing PWDs in to self help groups and linkage of the groups with PRIs/ Govt. schemes/ financial institutions/ private agencies is a remarkable step taken by VOSARD for capacity building and sustainability of the members and groups. The organization also initiated steps for constituting a District Local Level Committee (LLC) of National Trust, distribution of Guardianship Certificate and introducing Niramaya Insurance scheme for the first time in the district. Many NGOs have visited the ‘VOSARD model CBR programme’ and this organization has facilitated them to replicate the program in their respective operational areas.

  • Strengthening of State level network of DPOs:
    Seven Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) functioning in seven districts of Kerala were directed to form a state level network named as ‘Kerala Confederation of Differently Abled (KCDA)’ and thee network was registered under society’s act. 8,465 Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) are members of the network organized at various levels viz. 529 Village level DPOs (VDPOs), 60 Panchayat level DPOs (PDPOs) and seven District level DPOs (DDPOs). The CBR Coordinator made periodical visits and conducted capacity building activities for proper functioning of the DPOs at various levels with the support of CBR Forum, Bangalore. Joint meetings, leadership trainings, exposure visits, advocacy, networking and linkages to facilitate accessing of government schemes, etc were also conducted.
  • Outreach rehabilitation services to children with disabilities:

    Rehabilitation services to 75 children with various types of disabilities were planned and executed during the year with CHAI-LF support. Rupees one million granted by the supporting agency and an equal amount mobilized locally were utilized to address various needs of the children. Major interventions made under health, education, livelihood and social inclusion domains are:

    • Medical Screenings

    • School enrolment

    • Career guidance Seminars

    • Skill training to youth

    • Livelihood support

    • Formation of SHGs

    • Leadership training to DPO leaders

    • Caregivers training given to parents of severely disabled children

    • Distribution of Aids & appliances

    • Correction surgery

  • Community Mental Health Promotion:

Community Mental Health promotion program is being implemented along with the CBR programme. The program provides need based services to the Persons with Mental Illness (PwMIs), who are lacking regular medicine, care and other rehabilitation support. Efforts are made to capacitate and facilitate the affected persons and their caregivers for accessing medicines and other rehabilitation services from various sources. Identifying the cases of mental illness, directing them to regular medication, inclusion of Persons with Mental Illness (PwMI) and their caregivers into SHGs, livelihood promotion, training for care givers, sensitization programs to reduce social stigma, linkage with District Mental Health Programme of the government, etc are the main components of the programme. 215 persons with mental illness have been benefited from the programme so far.

  • Good practices
  • Formation of three tier system of Disabled Persons’ Organizations: Around 1,500 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) from six Panchyats have been organized into 100 self help groups, six Panchayat Level Federations and an Apex Federation. This system is helpful in coordinating the CBR activities in the entire project area.

  • Accessing PRI schemes and benefits: When we started the CBR programme PWDs were unaware of their rights and the types of schemes/ benefits available for them from various agencies. During the last six years we could educate the PWDs on their rights and privileges. Nearly 200 leaders from the sanghas have been identified and capacitated them with leadership training for directing their groups to tap locally available resources. Now they are able to demand and utilize 3% fund allocation from the PRIs. In many Panchayats leaders from the disabled’s groups have been included in the planning and implementation committee of the Panchayats.

  • Availing schemes from Kerala State Handicapped Persons Welfare Corporation: VOSARD could facilitate 68 groups of the disabled to get Rs. 5000/- each as subsidy for formation and strengthening of their groups.

  • Formation of LLC and distribution of Guardianship Certificates & Niramaya Health Insurance: With our initiative a Local Level Committee (LLC) under National Trust was formed in Idukki District, in which VOSARD is the NGO member. LLC is the authority to provide guardianship certificate to the parents/ caretakers of disabled children. Disabled people are also arranged Niramaya Helath Insurance Scheme of National Trust for availing free medical treatment.

  • Impacts
  • Awareness creation among persons with disabilities and their families about their rights.
  • Change of the community’s attitude towards PWDs e.g. the reduction of social stigmata. The community itself has come forward and supports the PWDs with money, kindness and services.
  • Social security schemes from Panchayat Raj institutions, health departments and all other governmental/NGO departments are accessible to a maximum number of PWDs.
  • DPOs have been formed on SHG, Panchayat and District level to come up to advocate for their rights.
  • Panchayat Raj institutions and other government departments invite PWDs into the decision making process.
  • Inclusice education increases in the project area.
  • Self emplyment among PWDs increases in the area.
  • JAF: Jeevajyothi Apex Federation

JAF (Jevvajyothi Apex Federation) is an association working under VOSARD, for the progress and growth of the differently abled people in Idukki District. This association is registered under society act 1860 (reg. No: I-790/2007). The main aim of this Federation is to ensure equal opportunity, equal participation and equal status for the differently abled people in the Society. Formation of Differently Abled Person’s Organisations (DPOs), Ordinary SHGs, activities for the protection and security of the mentally ill, SHGs for the caregivers of differently abled children, Medical Camps, Supplement of Aids and Appliances, Aid for Surgeries and medications are done under the leadership of JAF. JAF in cooperation with other allied systems work for the upliftment of person with disabilities, in areas of health, education, livelihood and empowerment.

  • KCDA: Kerala  Conederation OF Differently Abled

KCDA is an independent organisation established and nurtured by VOSARD. The area of operation is throughout Kerala. At present it is working in eight districts of Kerala and confederation of eight differently abled person’s organisation.


An inclusive Society with no discrimination where every disabled person exercises his/her right to a life of dignity on an equal basis with others”


Working towards persons with disabilities in order to end injustice by ensuring equity, equality of opportunities and effective participation in all spheres and at all levels of Society”.


The core values of the Society shall be “Honesty, Transparency, and accountability, mutual respect to human rights, equality and justice, democratic and participatory processes, respect for diversity, gender equity and justice.

  • Register No. IDK/TC/34/2015

  • Date of formation: 8-11-2014

  • Email ID:

  • Face book: KCDA2015

  • Total SHGs: 529