Medical camps: General medical checkup camps are also conducted periodically in association with hospitals in and around the district. Eye camps and psycho-socio medical camps are also conducted and need based medical support is arranged for the patients. Regular BP checking and blood sugar monitoring of senior citizens are done regularly in two Panchayats. Two trained health staff regularly make home visit and check the level of blood pressure and sugar.

Awareness creation: In order to sensitize the community on preventive aspects of communicable diseases and life style related diseases; number of awareness creation programs are conducted frequently.


Counselling services:


Family counseling centre (FCC): A Family Counseling Center under the support and guidance of Central Social Welfare Board and Kerala State Social Welfare Board is functioning since 2004. The centre is supporting the people to overcome the problems encountered by the families and strengthen the institution of family with the required values and capacities. Apart from settling family feuds, the counseling centre is also instrumental in handling adolescent problems, parent-child maladjustment, behavioral problems in school children, cases of substance abuse and suicide tendency etc.

Counselling helpline: Since May 2006 Swadhar Counselling Helpline started to function under the ministry of Women and Child Development New Delhi. Three experienced and professional counsellors are employed to provide round-the-clock counselling support over telephone. A number of suicide attempts could be averted with the help of Helpline services. It is a consolation for the poor and marginalised people who are living in remote areas.

Health Insurance: Today treatment expense is intangible for poor and middle class people. In order to lessen burden of treatment expenses in collaboration with national insurance company we have started a health insurance scheme which affordable to poorest of poor.

Success Story:Love Letter Therapy

“Thomas and Maria are married and live together with their two children in a small house in the Idukki district. Their children were always acting hyperactively. While Thomas stopped school after 10th standard and drives auto rickshaw, Maria finished her post graduation and became a teacher. He behaved very handsome and open-minded while she was not very talkative. Due to those differences of their character they often quarrelled with each other and planned to get divorced. This also affected the studies of the children negatively. As they came to the counselling sessions at VOSARD’s Family Counselling Centre, they only mentioned the children’s problems first. The counsellor found out that the main problem were not the children but the parents. Within four sessions the relation between Thomas and Maria was strenghtened. After rapport building, indicidual and family counselling sessions, both wrote down the likes and dislikes about each other in a so called Love Letter Therapy (LLT) and disscussed about it. During the last session they created a plan on how they could live together in harmony. Now they are still living together, the relationship improved and the children are studying well.”

"Through counselling sessions at the Family Counselling Centre we could reunify many families which were quarrelling.."
Family counsellor