JALANIDHI is a project of Kerala Rural Water supply and Sanitation Agency (KRWSA) of Kerala Government. VOSARD is the support organization to provide technical and social support to beneficiary groups. The main objective of the project is to supply clean and safe drinking water to the people in Chakkupallam Panchayat. The project is implemented in participatory way by forming Beneficiary Groups (BGs). Survey, source identification, construction, distribution etc., are managed by the BGs. 23 BGs have been formed to manage supply of safe drinking water to 1,350 households with an estimated budget outlay of Rupees 5 crores. Type of work done under the project are:

  • Renovation of existing water supply schemes

  • Construction of new schemes

  • Rainwater harvesting units (managed by 6 BGs)

  • Construction of community sanitation facility – public toilets