Promotion of state level DPO networking

Promotion and strengthening of a state level network of DPOs is going on since 2012. The network that was built and which is constantly expanding includes nine active DPOs across the state. VOSARD conducts consultation meetings, leadership trainings and formed a state level federation of all DPOs.
KCDA is the “Kerala Confederation for the differently Abled”. You can visit their Facebook-Page.
Furthermore, members of Panchajat Raj institutions are sensitized.

Strengthening of other NGOs

VOSARD has emerged as one of the major social service organizations in the Idukki district. Other NGOs are regulary visiting us to learn from ourCBR model and our rehabilitation strategies. 15 NGOs from all over Kerala are partners of VOSARD, availing technical support and guidance in order to run their own CBR projects.

Social Work Students

Social work students from various schools and colleges are visiting the organization for block placements and exposure to practical social work. Lots of different inputs are given which serve to advance their career through sharing of experiences, field visits, case studies, surveys etc. In 2015, 23 students visited VOSARD from famous and prestigous Indian colleges and universities.

Community Research

To identify the needs of the target groups, we conduct personal studies and evaluations of our implemented programs to assess their impact and the sustainability. Gaps in VOSARD’s service delivery are also identified and corrective measures are taken up for future activities.