Capasity Enhancement

Seminars, workshops, interactive lectures, exposure visits, training camps etc are organized for enhancing capacities of women. Skill training in appropriate trades, leadership training, micro credit & bank linkage, motivating to contest Panchayat elections, etc are also done in this regard. Efforts are made to support them for self employment and starting micro enterprises.

Service providing centre (SPC)

It is a project of Kerala State Social Welfare Board under Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act-2005 for the protection of women from domestic violence. The Service Providing Centre (SPC) for the protection of women from domestic violence started to function in 2008. A Lady advocate is employed in the centre for providing free legal service to the women who are victims of domestic violence.

Success Story:Legal Support Stops Violence in Family

“Nisha has a child together with her husband Dominic. She has been mentally tortured by him. He was addicted to alcohol and got in debt because of his money mismanagement. Dominic has also misused the money earned by his wife Nisha, who is a life insurance corporation agent. His behaviour affected the studies of their child too. When they argued he became violent frequently and broke several phones, the TV and other house hold objects. During the counselling sessions at the Service Providing Centre, both were made aware of the legal situation. Dominic was referred to a psychiatrist. After taking medicine his behavious became normal so that the matter was settled successfully. He is now working as an agriculturalist and can repay his debts. The relation between both, husband and wife, improved and the violence stopped. The child is not strained by its parents’s problems any longer and is able to focus on his studies.”