VOSARD has been focusing on uplifting the poor and weaker sections of the society right from the beginning.

Rehabilitation of people with disabilities is one of our major interventions . We have been working with around 5800 PWDs.

One of VOSARD’s main goal is to create a safe, comfirtable and friendly environment for Senior Citizons in the target area of Idukki

A Family Counseling Center, under the support and guidance of the Central Social Welfare Board  is running since 2004.

Over the past years,  VOSARD has been making an attempt to motivate the farmers to produce traditional crops

The construction of rain water harvesting systems in the remote and hilly areas is part of our Watershed project.

The main objective of the project is to supply clean and safe drinking water to the people in Chakkupallam Panchayat.

Over the past years,  VOSARD has been making an attempt to promote the use of Non- conventional Enery sources

One of VOSARD’s main goal is to create a safe and child friendly environment for children in the target area of Idukki

Seminars, workshops, interactive lectures & training camps are organized to enhance the womens’ capacities.

Cancer prevention through health education and promoting community volunteers in Katapana block of Idukki district

Vosard’s works with a mission pf “Freedom from Poverty and Backwardness” of the targeted communities in the State of Kerala.
It is a cultural exchange program, in which young volunteers are arranged for voluntary services in Indian NGOs for eight months.
Students from various disciplines visited the organization for block placements and exposure to practical social work.

15 NGOs from all over Kerala are partners of VOSARD, availing technical support and guidance in order to run their own CBR projects.